Country Inn

Dog and Cat Kennels

Country Inn Dog and Cat Kennels

A little about us...

We are a small, family-owned business located in the beautiful Carson Valley. Minutes away from Tahoe, our kennel is a convenient location to drop off your pet while you enjoy a day at the lake or take an extended ski vacation!

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Dog Kennels

two dogs inside a kennel

Each canine guest resides in his or her own private indoor/outdoor kennel space. All dogs spend the night inside our secure, heated buildings.

Kennel Dimensions (Approximate)

Single Kennels:
(4'x16' total)
4'x4' inside 4'x12'outside
Double Kennels:
(6'x16' total)
6'x4' inside 6'x12' outside
Indoor Only Kennels:
(4'x12' total)
4'x12' inside --

Cat Condos

cat condo

Our feline accomodations are located in a separate building from the dogs. Cats are able to relax in their own private, spacious cat condos. Each cat condo has multiple levels for cats to move vertically.

Cat Condo Dimensions

Height: 4'
Width: 3'
Depth 2'


freshly groomed Newfoundland

Currently, we offer basic grooming services and do not have a full salon on the premises. We hope to expand our facilities in the future, however! Keep an eye on this space for updates.