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Country Inn Dog and Cat Kennels

When you can't be there...

If you’re going out of town for the holidays, have family visiting, or just need a break: we're here for you! At Country Inn Dog and Cat Kennels we are here to cater to your every boarding and grooming need.

we can!

Our mission is simple:

many happy pets

To provide the best quality love and care possible for your pets.

Boarding & Daycare

dog inside kennel run

With our personal indoor/ outdoor runs and experienced kennel staff, your dog will have all the freedom he or she needs. Whether your pup prefers to hang out in bed all day or play a good game of fetch, we have it covered!


dog having a bath

Make sure your pet is fresh and clean on the day of pick up! We also offer basic grooming services including bath, brush, and nail trims. Call any time to make an appointment for a doggy spa day.